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My name is Kyle.

You might know me from the popular community I created for group fitness trainers, Bootcamp Ideas. I’m using my personal site here to write more about two topics I love, connection and community, and how they can be used to build incredible businesses.

You’ll like this stuff if:

  • The type of work you do is as important as profits
  • You describe your business as ‘heart-centred’
  • You’re more interested in building a community than followers
  • You’re an INFJ

You can read my latest articles below (see the archive for older posts) or read what I’m up to now.

30 Days

Today is the 30th day in a row that I’ve posted to this blog.

It’s been part of a challenge I set myself to do two things:

  • Write everyday as the first thing I do when I get up in the morning. Having a child who wakes at 6am, I didn’t think I could do this. But getting up a little earlier so I can have just 15 minutes to write has worked.
  • To show both my good writing and my bad writing because you never really know which is which until you hit publish.

I won’t lie. Some days I feel like I’ve phoned it in with the posts. Some have literally been an idea in 3 sentences that I’ve hastily written in the evening so I could stick to the challenge.

On other days though I’ve felt really proud of what I’ve written. And I guess that’s the point. The point is that to write your best stuff, you also have to write your worst and the point is to continue showing up everyday.

For the next 30 days I’m going to try switching it up a little. I’m going to keep writing everyday but I’m going to try spending a few days on one longer article.

I’m curious to see if I’ll enjoy that more. I’m also curious if I’ll find it harder to keep the daily writing habit up without the pressure of needing to publish and show my work everyday. That has been a really good motivator.

You can view all of the posts in the archive. Many thanks to Seth Godin for writing The Practice and inspiring me to do this.

Adding value

A quick way to measure the quality of something you post online is to ask yourself,

‘Will this add value to even just one person’s life?’

If the answer is yes then go ahead and do it.

Too expensive

When someone says you’re too expensive, what they’re really saying is:

  • I’m not willing to pay that much to have my problem solved.
  • I don’t understand how this will fix my problem.
  • I don’t believe that this will fix my problem.
  • I’m not ready to have my problem solved.
  • I’m overwhelmed and need a way out.

Importantly, as long as someone else says ‘Yes’, you’re not too expensive. So stick to your pricing guns.

Birthday #33

Today is my birthday. I’m 33.

At this point in my life I’m mainly a dad, a husband, a writer, a maker of things, a mentor and a friend. I’ll circle back in a few weeks for my usual review of the year with much more detail.

For those of you who are also group fitness trainers, you can use the code BIRTHDAY33 to get 33% off any of my ebooks and courses.

You can also use the same code (BIRTHDAY33) to get 33% for life off of your BootCraft subscription. That code will work for new members and can also be added if you already have a subscription.

Both codes will be valid until the end of the week (Dec 13th, 2020)

Choosing your products and services

A crucial part of your new business is always going to be how you will make money. One of the best ways to do that is to help people make a change that they are wanting to make.

The way you deliver that help can come in all shapes in sizes.

If you’re new to the industry you’re working in, then you’ll want to start with more personal services to get better at helping people change. Once you’ve mastered that you can move to less-personal services that are more scalable.

Here is a rough list in order from most personal, to least (and also roughly from most expensive, to least):

One-to-one Coaching/Consulting: Coaching is where you support people while they find their own solutions. Consulting is where you are hired to create a solution.

Masterminds/Group Coaching



Membership Site

Book/Physical Product

Software As A Service